How to Become Enlightened

Learning from Buddha

No matter what dharma one learns and how well one practices that dharma, one can still not become accomplished without cultivation. Conversely, cultivating oneself but not learning a complete dharma will also not result in one becoming accomplished or enlightened in this lifetime. Equally important to cultivation and the dharma, is that one will certainly fall into the lower realms if one does not put what one learns from the Buddha into practice immediately.


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Cultivate Correct Conduct

This is a very fundamental lesson; indeed, the first lesson. Nonetheless, this is an important matter that many cultivators, including those who have practiced cultivation over many years, do not understand and are confused about. It is difficult to incarnate as a human being. It is even more difficult to incarnate as a human being with the opportunity to encounter the true Buddha-dharma. Read more…

Don’t Hold Any Evil Views

This dharma is related to the big issue of whether or not you will experience beneficial effects from learning Buddhism and cultivating yourself. It is related to the big issue of whether you will increase your good fortune and wisdom and become liberated or whether you will descend into one of the three lower realms of existence. Read more…

Practice A Complete Dharma

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