How to Attain Wisdom

The Process to Attain Wisdom • Misunderstanding Emptiness • 5 Vidyas

The Sanskrit term “prajna” relates to the perfect wisdom of a Buddha. Prajna is one of the two accumulations necessary to become a Buddha. To attain prajna, you must follow the sequence of morality, concentration and then wisdom. If you do not behave morally by following the precepts, you will not be able to concentrate. Without concentration, you will not attain wonderful prajna wisdom. Of course, you must also develop wisdom so as to know how to correctly apply the precepts and so on.

Read the Suttas, Sutras and Classic Commentaries

We encourage people interested in Buddhism to begin with the words of the Buddha and avoid contemporary writings on the subject. There are many reasons for this but the main issue is that many writers do not have the level of realization required to teach. Would you read a book about swimming from someone who couldn’t swim? The same holds true for enlightenment.

Misunderstanding Emptiness

There are many ways you can misunderstand emptiness. The Great Mahasiddha and beloved poet of Tibet, Milarepa, taught his Dharma son, Dharma King Gampopa, that you can lose emptiness by any of the following. Read more…

Five Vidyas

“Everything in the universe can be classified into five aspects of brightness and darkness. To develop everything that is good in the universe and that benefits living beings is classified as ‘bright.’ That which confuses and is evil is classified as ‘dark.’ This is the real meaning of the Five Vidyas of which the Buddha spoke.” Read more…